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Alejandro Marulanda was born in Girardot, Colombia, in a family with a great passion for music. Alejandro grew up surrounded not only by the traditional music of his country (folclor) but also by an intense classical music influence taking him to study at the Conservatory of Tolima where he acquired Classical piano and Vocal techniques. 


At a young age, "Alejo" developed an interest in music production. For Alejo, it has always been fascinating to be able to understand melody, harmony, polyrhythmic, and even Clave. 

In 2001 Alejo traveled to France to continue his studies in Classical piano and vocal techniques at the conservatory of Evry Courcouronnes. At this conservatory, Alejo being a Classical pianist decided to expand his knowledge and skills into modern music such as Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Electro, and some others. 

Between  2005 - 2006, Alejandro started his studies in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Paris, but due to some job offers in the music industry, his studies were interrupted and he travelled to Colombia and took part in the Bogotá's music scene for a couple of years.


After spending some time in Colombia, Alejo moved to Germany and since 2011 he has been living in Berlin. 

After completing his Audio Engineering studies at SAE Berlin in 2014, he started to work as a freelance Audio engineer, music producer, music director, and professional live music performer.

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